Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vinturi : Essential Wine Aerator Review

Today I decided to test the Vinturi; claimed to be one of the best aerators in the world.

The box boasts, "The same bottle of wine treated with Vinturi was higher in overall flavor intensity and mouthfeel... higher in red color intensity and overall aroma intensity... more true to type and of higher quality."

I decided to test this gadget on the Johann Shiraz Cabernet (this weeks Creek of the Week) since it was open and suggests decanting before tasting as some of the sediment tends to settle.

I already found the Johann Shiraz Cabernet to be enjoyable so my expectations were not high for the Vinturi. I was a bit skeptical to say the least and thus pleasantly surprised when I found it to be a valid product.

While I can't claim that I saw a vibrant color change, I did notice a variety of particles in glass number one that I didn't pick up on the first time I tasted the wine.

The nose was undoubtedly cleaner. Black cherries shown through with less influence of the oak and more spice. The mouthfeel was still medium-full but with an airy feeling. The fruit is forward but evenly balanced by spice and oak.

I conclude that the wine quality, overall, did improve. However, I can not definitively say that this will stand true for all wines.

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