Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tennis & Wine ... what could be better?

I don't know about you, but two of my favorite things are tennis & wine. While I've never actually sipped on a glass of wine while watching a tennis tournament (only one I've been to is the Pilot Pen in New Haven and it's usually 95 degrees outside) I imagine the Jacob's Creek Pinot Grigio would be perfect company to such.

Anyway, as tennis fans across the globe anticipate the beginning of the Australian Open on January 18th in Melbourne Park in Victoria, Australia, Jacob's Creek already started the festivity, having created an almost tennis court that floats ON the Yarra River and featured players Pat Rafter and Wally Masur to test it out.

Being that the Australian Open is in Australia, and I won't be going to Australia until April, I'll just have to follow along on TV with the rest of the Western Hemisphere, but rest assure, I'll be sipping on some Jacob's Creek as I do it. :)

**photo courtesy of the Australian Open website

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