Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Eco-friendly Jacob's Creek Winery

When Johann Gramp planted the first wines along the banks of Jacob's Creek in 1847, he understood that it was important to respect the environment in order to maintain the rich, fertile soil. Today, the Jacob's Creek winemakers have the same philosophy: be good to the Earth and it will be good to you.

This is precisely why Jacob's Creek has dedicated a holistic approach to ever aspect of the winemaking process. Although there have been encouraging results from the changes already underway, Jacob's Creek continuously strives to decrease the footprint it leaves on the Earth by always treading lightly.

Jacob's Creek has made it a priority to remove and replace invasive weeds with native plants to the are to retain the biodiversity of the Jacob's Creek River system. Two of Jacob's Creek properties, Centenary Hill and Menge's Island, are planned to be rehabilitated for the wild and removed from production in the coming years in an effort to restore much of the pre-European wildlife found in Australia that is dwindling today.

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