Friday, October 16, 2009

Tailgating with the Aussies

As a recent college grad of the University of Connecticut (class of 2008) and a current Connecticut resident, there is no way I can miss UConn's Homecoming Football game this year on October 17.

In case you haven't heard, Connecticut is lacking in professional sports teams, so UConn sports are a major focus. UConn's hometurf is built in East Hartford, CT at Rentschler Field, which not only permits tailgating, but it encourages it. Despite the fact the game starts at 12:30pm, we hope to make it to the field (Weather permitting) by 9:30am at the latest, fire up the grill and have some good drinks, food and fun before we watch the Huskies dominate Louisville.

Anyway, the point is that drinking early in the morning can be rough on a person if they choose the wrong beverage. Normally at breakfast occasions, one may think of Mimosas and Bloody Marys, but when you're gearing up for an intense football game, we skip the light cocktails and go straight for the good stuff.

I've thought good and long about this since I bought my ticket back in August and finally decided that for a cool October day filled with a plethora of tailgating food, the best option is a deep, meaty Shiraz. What Shiraz do you ask? Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz. At around $13 a bottle it fits a price point that you don't necessaily mind opening it in a field and won't give you a hangover by 4pm. Not to mention the screw cap makes it ideal for easy opening!

The JC Reserve Shiraz is described as a full bodied wine, displaying rich fruit flavors or dark berries and plums and velvety tannins. Lovely acid balance and integration of flavors resulting in a supple and engaging wine with a lingering finish of spice, chocolate and mocha. Pairs well with meats, game and cheese." Mmmm can't wait until I sink my teeth into a delicious home prepared cheeseburger, fresh off the grill, followed by this wine (served, of course, in a classy, stemless wine glass...we may be roughing it in the tailgating field, but there is no way I'm drinking out of a solo cup!)

Tomorrow can't come soon enough! Go Huskies!


  1. did the Huskies win? and how was the cheeseburger with the shiraz?

  2. ohh, its still saturday over there....

  3. The Huskies did win. And it actually paired perfectly! The burgers were nice and juicy and the Shiraz pulled on those characteristics! It also helped to keep me warm since it was only about 35 degrees!